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The traditional saying is that the “S” generation of the iPhone belongs to the “small year”, that is, the lack of update is lacking. The most obvious example is that the appearance is almost unchanged, and the user can’t tell the stupidity after buying it. However, I disagree with the “small years” saying that all the core components of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus released this time are almost completely innovated, and the touch technology such as 3D Touch has been added to the unprecedented change in appearance. This kind of external thing, I value this kind of internal change related to the experience. After using it for nearly two weeks, let me talk about my opinion.

The changes in the appearance of the two new mobile phones are almost negligible. In fact, this is not accurate. If the parameter party likes to hold the thickness, it is indeed thickened by 0.2mm. This increase in thickness may be used. The micrometer is measured. If you can feel it, then I think it is definitely a psychological suggestion.
In contrast, any user who uses the previous generation of iPhone should be able to feel the increase in weight. After all, the two phones have increased by 14 grams (iPhone 6s) and 20 grams (iPhone 6s Plus), on the one hand from the new enablement. The screen that joins the 3D Touch function, and more is from the Taptic Engine behind it, which is a big guy on the motherboard, it adds you to feel deeper vibration feedback when operating 3D Touch And even when you are on the phone, you can feel the vibration prompts are significantly different.
And when it comes back to the increased weight, I think it’s almost the same as the phone case you are using now. If you plan to use the new machine, it will be similar to the previous one.
Of course, in terms of appearance, the point of reading a book is the “rose gold” that the whole world sees and is expected to be sought after. In fact, this is a kind of pink, but its color will give a metallic feeling under the light. . This pastel color is very common in girls’ bags, and similar to lipstick, mascara, hairpin and even digital products of the previous women’s series.
I didn’t have much say in this color. On the bus that returned after the press conference, I asked a few female reporters from the same industry. Their answers were surprisingly consistent: this is the color! Because they think that the three colors of silver and gray gold are male, but I want to say that anyway, I have to buy a protective cover, so that the color can be distinguished from the pink circle around the front of the HOME button. Ring up.
In fact, it is a male user who needs to be entangled. If you don’t buy a rose gold, others can’t see the new phone you are using. If you buy it, it’s too kawaii.
Another detail change in appearance is that the word “S” appeared on the back cover of the mobile phone for the first time. The previous 5s and 4s did not have such treatment. This change has added some difficulties to the refurbished housing factory in Shenzhen. Because the font of the “S” is extremely difficult to ponder.
Of course, this time Apple also used the 7000 series steel material that has been used for a long time on the two new machines. Apple took the material and said that it also played the “art journey of a steel plate”, which is of course because the previous generation machine was “bent” “The change made by the tragic fate, I can only say that there is not much change in the feel of the hand. As for the intensity, I still have to wait for more bear children to go to the Apple store to verify it.
Because the appearance does not change much, the old-fashioned topic still has to continue to plague many people – how to perfect the 2.5D curved glass, especially for Virgo.

Just like the lens pixels, Apple rarely innovates the in-camera shooting function. Even though there are a lot of third-party shooting software, Apple still insists on creating such a small animation shooting method Live Photos.
This function is enabled by default. It can record audio and video material of 3 seconds. Yes, it includes sound, so you can understand that it is 3 seconds of video, and both front and back cameras can enable this function. It can also be used when taking a selfie.
However, unlike video shooting, it is pre-shot from half a second before you press the shutter, so that you won’t miss a wonderful moment. In other words, if you activate Live Photos, then the background is always shooting, but the content before the shutter is pressed half a second is not saved.
Many people will ask this Live Photos to work now. There are only a few foreign platforms that can be shared at present. There are only a few Facebook and Instagram, but there is no domestic, but I believe that this video will soon be matched. . At the moment, you can only use it as an iPhone or Apple Watch wallpaper or dial, provided that Apple Watch has a personalized dial function to upgrade to watchOS 2.
I also tried to export the Live Photos to my computer. I can export small movies in m4v format in the Mac photo function, but if you export to a PC through a third-party tool, you can only get one photo.
Overall, this new feature can be used as an upgrade to Photo 2.0, even to some extent instead of continuous shooting, because it can be pre-shot, so it can capture the moment.
In the nearly two weeks of use, if I am disappointed with the new machine, it is basically no change in standby time, which you can see from the official standby time of the old and new generations of the official website. Although the iOS 9 system claims to be able to increase the usage time by one hour, it is not so helpful for the battery life.
Although the thickness of the two new machines has increased slightly, the actual battery capacity has been slightly reduced due to the addition of the new Taptic Engine component. The iPhone6s has been reduced from the previous generation’s 1810mAh to 1715mAh, and the iPhone 6s Plus has been from the previous generation’s 2915mAh. Reduced to 2750mAh, and this is likely to be a side reason for the increased power consumption of the A9 processor and the iOS 9 system.
Overall, regardless of the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, my experience is very similar to the previous generation’s endurance performance, you can feel that Apple wants to work hard to improve this performance, but not too good under the current technical conditions. Way.
Of course, we can’t forget the new “low battery mode” that iOS 9 has added. Every time when the battery is lower than 20%, I will turn on this “life-saving mode”. It really allows me to make more calls or talk for dozens of minutes. WeChat, the key moment can still come in handy. But I also tried to upgrade iOS 9 on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and it can also achieve this “lifesaving effect.”
My opinion is two points: First, the low-power mode is indeed useful; second, the two new machines have no significant changes in terms of battery life compared to the previous generation.

I think every generation of iPhone has its own mission. For this generation, it is to strengthen the camera and camera – not only the front and rear lens pixels jump, but also the addition of Live Photos, 4K video shooting and Retina Flash, by shooting Compared with the proofs, we think that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are very obvious in terms of taking photos, which is undoubtedly a big selling point.
If you calculate the account, compared with other smart flagship phones, faster core processing speed, more 3D Touch touch, almost the fastest Touch ID fingerprint unlock, and before and after the effect is significantly improved Camera camera effect, coupled with optimized Siri and iOS 9 system, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can be said to be invincible.
But if this account is replaced by an algorithm, the most attractive change between the two new machines compared to their predecessors is the improvement of the camera pixels and effects, and the new rose gold color scheme. How to choose in this case? It may be a problem that tangles consumers.

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