iPhone 6 Plus Review: Not an easy to enlarge version of the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 Plus doesn’t make much sense to some people. After all, it’s just an enlarged version of the iPhone 6. The battery life is slightly longer, but the price is higher.

However, many people overlook the bigger aspect: this is about the choice of mobile phones, but also for the Asian smartphone market, the bigger the screen on the smartphone = the better. Functional configuration is also a key issue, but Apple’s brand appeal can help it cover up this flaw. Still, the iPhone 6 Plus is not bad, with an A8 processor, a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, an 80-hour standby battery, and a new design like the iPhone 6, which is a good choice.

Yes, the iPhone 6 doesn’t have the 8-core performance that Samsung boasts everywhere, but the iPhone never pays attention to configuration but focuses on the user experience. In the hands, I feel that the new iPhone is strange, this size of the iOS interface is also very strange. People used to feel different about the iPhone and iPad, but now the boundaries are beginning to blur. The new iPhone is also equipped with NFC functionality, which can be paid using Touch ID. The main screen has a panoramic mode.

This is a combination of tablets and smartphones, which is unimaginable.

But the ultra-thin body (7.1 mm thick) feels light, although the big screen offsets this feeling. It’s definitely hard to click on the corners of the screen, but it’s worth it to get the big screen you want. The iPhone 6 Plus uses the same material as the iPhone 6, drawing on the metal/ceramic feel of the iPad Air. The sleek edge design feels good on large-sized devices, and Apple hopes that the back lines (probably to improve antenna sensitivity) become the hallmark of the brand.

The iPhone 6 Plus is very complete, allowing users to do things that the iPhone 5s can’t do, thanks to the larger screen size. Although the Apple conference did not announce any configuration, in addition to the A8 upgrade to 64-bit, but the CPU is not 8 core and RAM can not exceed 2GB, which disappoints some users.

Processor efficiency increased by 50%, battery life increased by 100%, indicating that Apple finally solved the iPhone battery problem, although the increase in screen resolution will consume more power. It feels great to play games on the iPhone 6 Plus. As a mobile phone iPhone 6 Plus, it feels useless because the screen is too big, but on the text message, the big screen input is better.

Preliminary summary

The iPhone 6 Plus feels less popular in the Western world than the iPhone 6, because the size is too big to put in your pocket. But this does not affect Apple’s sales in other markets. For its part, the iPhone 6 Plus is a very good device, just to see if people want it or not. With optical anti-shake and other features, the iPhone 6 Plus is definitely not a simple enlarged version of the iPhone 6.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 Plus is more expensive, so the big screen and battery life extensions cost people, but this is a good choice compared to Samsung’s complex Note series.

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