Double camera and these mysterious Apple iPhone7/Plus evaluation

This year’s arrival of Apple’s iPhone7 still received a lot of fruit powder response, especially the bright black version of the iPhone7 Plus still appears to be smashed by the scalper. But unlike in the past, the iPhone7, which was released on the first day of the small screen version, did not receive the same high treatment as the iPhone7 Plus, and even appeared at the Apple agent for a slightly lower price than the official price. It can be seen that Apple’s strategy of using the higher-priced iPhone7 Plus to upgrade the overall gear of the iPhone has begun to bear fruit.

Bright black (that is, the “piano black” that entered the line of sight when you first exposed it, although Apple did not name it in the end.) iPhone7, especially the bright black iPhone7 Plus is obviously the “new”, not just Apple set it up. For the 128GB to pull the user had to snap up at a higher price, even on the first day of the sale we did not see the version displayed in the official store. Still holding a half face, hanging your appetite did not discuss.
Rose gold, gold, silver, black, bright black, this is the current color of iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus.

     When the earliest bright black (also called “piano black”) and the ordinary black iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus were exposed, almost everyone’s attention was focused on the bright black version, perhaps because the name “piano black” appeared even more On the tall, it may be its own “bright” more attractive line of sight, and perhaps its highest degree of recognition is the easiest to satisfy the vanity, at a glance the iPhone7 (or iPhone7 Plus); the same new black version is added Many people ignore it behind their heads. However, when we got the ordinary black, we became more and more fond of this version. Even some of my colleagues, including myself, have shaken the choice between the two versions.
Of course, the two black versions also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Bright black iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus are prone to scratches. Apple specifically reminds users who choose bright black iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus to be mentally prepared, and suggests that it is best to choose a protective case; and its surface is easily contaminated with fingerprints. Of course, ordinary black also does not have the problem of avoiding fingerprints.

    (The bright black version is actually made using an anodizing and polishing process that includes nine precision processes, and its surface hardness is the same as that of other anodized apple products.)

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