Apple perfect evolution theory iPhone 4 comprehensive detailed evaluation

Although the appearance and some features of the iPhone 4 can’t be immediately noticed at the press conference, its new features are worthy of recollection and praise. The leak brought Apple to the embarrassing situation, but Jobs (Apple CEO) was still excited to speak at the press conference: You didn’t see all of the iPhone 4 before. And we also want to tell you that before this review, you are not seeing all of the iPhone 4.
Since the birth of the iPhone in 2007, Apple will launch a new version of the iPhone every year. It can be said that the development of the iPhone is also the history of the development of the entire mobile phone industry. Through the four generations of iPhone, we can see how the user’s requirements for mobile phones are step by step. improved.

In 2007, the first generation of the iPhone was equipped with a 3.5-inch LCD screen, supporting multi-touch, 8GB storage space and 11.6mm slim body. When the iPhone came out, it became the object that mobile phone manufacturers rushed to imitate. Among them, Meizu M8 experienced the process of imitating – being beaten all the way – tolerating – and finally accepting it. It can be said that the domestic mobile phone imitates the rare success after the tide.
The evolution of the iPhone to the fourth generation has completely overturned the image of the past, it has a new design, four times higher screen resolution than before, high-performance A4 processor, new named iOS4 system, etc., iPhone 4 Significant improvements in both software and hardware.

The appearance of the iPhone 4 has changed a lot compared to the previous three generations. The newly designed frame structure cancels the previous arc design, becomes more angular, the metal elements are prominent, the volume adjustment and the speaker and microphone are correspondingly made. Change. Let’s take a look at what features the iPhone 4 has.
The biggest impression on the iPhone 4’s shape is that it has changed from a curved design to a boxy matchbox. Despite this, it does not stop its elegance. The ultra-thin body is also the embodiment of the iPhone’s perfect industrial design. Compared to the already impeccable iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4 has a 24% reduction in thickness compared to the iPhone 3GS (12.3 mm), which is only 9.3 mm.
A big change in the craft of the iPhone 4 was to change the antenna that was hidden inside the fuselage to the frame of the phone. Apple integrates the antenna of the mobile phone and the bezel. The stainless steel frame on the side is divided into two segments to act as an antenna. The left side is responsible for receiving Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS signals, and the right is responsible for receiving UMTS and GSM mobile phone signals.
Although this design can save a lot of space for the mobile phone and create the 9.8 mm miracle of the iPhone 4, some users report that their new iPhone 4 has encountered signal problems. In response to the signal problems mentioned by netizens, we tested the two UK unlocked versions of the iPhone 4, clenching the phone with both hands, making calls and surfing the Internet, and the signal did not weaken. In fact, according to statistics, users who encounter signal problems only account for 0.5%, and in case the user is unfortunately bought a defective mobile phone, Apple will provide a free replacement service.

Of course, the test results can only be used as a reference. If you don’t use the instrument, you can’t hear the difference between the two. In addition, the design of the bottom screw of the iPhone 4 has also been slightly modified. It is no longer as recessed as it used to be, and it is easy to accumulate dust.

There are a lot of demanding people around me who disdain the iPhone 4, but in the eyes of our editors, the iPhone 4 is still a good phone. After all, as a mobile phone, it is impossible to gather everyone’s success, and always have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Apple’s iPhone has reached the fourth generation, and its innovation has never stopped. In the development of these four generations, Apple has interpreted a perfect evolution. The emergence of the Apple iPhone has changed the landscape of the mobile phone industry, and with the continuous improvement of its functions and hardware, the iPhone 4 we see today is basically close to Apple’s perfection.

Apple rarely compromises with users, and on the iPhone 4 we see a lot of compromises. For example, it is equipped with an LED flash and a meaningless digital zoom. It is undeniable that the iPhone has never only focused on the quality of the camera. On the iPhone 4 we saw a very sharp picture and shocking 720P video recording and playback. It can be said that the evolution of these three years is worth waiting for.

The iPhone’s screen performance has given us a deep impression. This screen change is also Apple’s most praiseworthy one. Everyone has a high voice on the high resolution of the mobile phone screen, and Apple did not let us down. At the same time as the iPhone 4 upgrade, the iPhone 4 system also ushered in the upgrade period, iOS4 brings a more complete experience.

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