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Starting with the iPhone 4S, Apple’s new machine is always accompanied by consumer complaints and even hit a new high. At a press conference with no mystery, Cook summed up four selling points for the iPhone 5s: Touch ID fingerprinting, a new camera, a new A7 processor and an iOS7 system, so our evaluation revolves around the four. Expanded in all aspects.
In all the discussions about the iPhone 5s, the most popular thing is the champagne gold body. We experienced the real machine at the press conference. The 5s gold is not over-exaggerated. It is not like “local gold”, but more similar to the faint gold of champagne, restrained and noble. The evaluation machine we got was “deep gray”, the color of the back was between the white and black iPhone 5, and the front was black.
Many people speculate that Apple gave up black on the iPhone 5s because it can’t solve the paint problem. The gray, gold and silver colors of the iPhone 5s are closer to the true color of the metal, and the cut corners around the 5s body are not painted. Maybe The serious paint lacquer problem on the iPhone 5 will not repeat itself in 5s. However, when the individual communication with the Apple Product Manager was completed after the press conference, the other party did not answer our question about paint detachment. During the week we got 5s, we didn’t give the phone a film and a cover, and often put it in a pocket or a bag with the key and other mobile phones, and even a small knife gently stroked a few times, but it has not been found so far. Where is the paint? However, it is still to be verified if the paint will be lost for a long time.
The slightly changed Home button is one of the only two differences between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5, and is the largest gimmick for the iPhone 5s – the hiding place for fingerprint recognition. Touch ID fingerprinting technology is based on a company acquired by Apple last year called AuthenTec. The iPhone 5s’ built-in Touch ID uses a 500 ppi sensor that scans fingerprints in all directions. Dan Riccio, vice president of hardware engineering at Apple, said: “Your fingerprint is the best password in the world. Fingerprints are always with you, unique.”
I have to admit that Apple’s design is clever, hiding the fingerprint recognition sensor under the home made of sapphire glass, without affecting the overall structure of the product. In the past week of use, the experience of fingerprint recognition has exceeded my expectations. Unlike the fingerprint recognition on my Thinkpad notebook, the fingerprint recognition of the iPhone 5s is 360°. I don’t need to straighten my fingers and slide my fingers from top to bottom. I just need to put my fingers on the HOME button. Just fine. The process of entering fingerprints is also very unique. The multiple presses ensure that the mobile phone can store more comprehensive fingerprint information of the user, even the top and edges of the finger, which is why the 5s can be fully recognized.

The iPhone 5s’ camera and camera functions have many software and hardware improvements. The hardware has a larger aperture lens, a larger sensor and a TrueTone dual-color flash; the software supports a continuous shooting mode of 10 frames per second. Slow motion recording and simple filter function. Regarding the specific performance of the iPhone 5s imaging, we will introduce it in detail in the special evaluation of the camera later. Let’s first briefly explain some of the improvements that can be seen.
TrueTone flash imaging is more realistic
In fact, most of them do not use flash when taking pictures with mobile phones. In my 4S, only 1% of the photos are taken with the flash turned on, and even 1% of them are because they forgot. Turn off the flash.
There is a reason why the flash on the mobile phone is more used as a flashlight. Apple wants to make the chicken ribs transform through the combination of hardware and software. The True Tone flash is a system of two different color temperature LED flashes. Due to the narrow output of the LED spectrum itself, it causes strange color rendering. In addition, the white LED flash has a blue cool hue compared to the xenon flash. Apple added the ideal color temperature to match the scene by adding a yellow LED. Everyone looks at the photo of the ribs on the right side. After turning on the 5s flash, the ribs under the lens are more attractive.
The continuous shooting speed is not fast, but the experience is great.
The speed of 10s per second for 5s is not the fastest in the mobile phone, but it is enough. Many mobile phones have continuous shooting functions. HTC, Samsung and Sony have already added the function of automatically selecting the best photos in their new mobile phones. Even the Meizu MX3 has twice the continuous shooting speed of the iPhone 5s.
But then again, with the new photo management software of iOS7, the experience of shooting and managing photos with iPhone 5s is quite good. The photos you get after continuous shooting will be packaged together, not stacked in a large number of albums. The gray dots under the photos are the best photos suggested by the system, and sometimes there may be more. Of course, you can also choose the one you prefer. In addition to the continuous sound of the iPhone 5s, the whole experience of taking pictures and processing photos is its advantage.

Laughing slow motion shot
When I first heard about this feature, many people reacted dissatisfied. But after the actual experience, I feel very good. Slow-motion playback will make a lot of seemingly ordinary shots laugh. In fact, the principle of this function is very simple. In the slow lens shooting mode, the iPhone 5s will record at a high speed of 120FPS, and during playback, selectively play certain segments at normal speed. Post-editing is very simple, you can choose the paragraph and time of slow-motion playback by dragging directly. (The effect of slow motion, I suggest you refer to the video evaluation at the top of the topic)
I believe that a lot of fruit powder has been used in advance in the Beta version of iOS7, and its new features are well known. Although the design style of iOS7 is surprising and unacceptable to many people, almost everyone who has used it for more than a month said that they have become accustomed to and accepted this style. More importantly, many of the features of iOS7 are very satisfying, such as a more intuitive multi-tasking management interface and more powerful photo management.
In the past, iOS did not support the Jiugong grid input method and could not use the third-party input method. Apple finally joined the Jiugong grid input method on iOS 7, but I already liked the 9-square grid on the 5-inch large screen, and then turned back to use the iPhone. At the time, the finger ran incorrectly on the narrow screen of the iPhone. At the press conference, the staff of the exhibition area told us that iOS 7 has already considered the 5c of various colors when designing, so it will be equipped with live wallpapers of corresponding colors, which can make 5c look full. In this case, why not design gold and gray wallpapers?

Whether it is fingerprint recognition or coprocessor concept, or continuous shooting function, Apple is not the first to bring into the mobile phone field, but in the iPhone 5s, the experience of these functions is indeed better than most competitors, soft The combination of hardware is higher and the experience remains almost consistently highly friendly. This may be the best performance of Apple’s pursuit of the ultimate. But in addition to these, the upgrade of the new iPhone 5s is limited, outdated small-size screens, closed ecosystems, almost unchanging appearance, compared to competitors in the Android field, the gap has been opened.
It is foreseeable that in the near future, when the number and quality of third-party applications on the iOS platform no longer have an overwhelming advantage, the screen is bigger, the function is more, the price is cheaper, and the more abundant Android mobile phone will be selected. More popular with consumers.

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