Month: June 2018

Hp 35s Scientific Calculator Review

This calculator is classic by many means. It has the look and feel of a serious machine, and the display of a traditional scientific calculator. If you are a loyal HP user, this calculator will feel familiar. The HP 35s Scientific Calculator is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator, which means that it doesn’t require the use […]

Nerd Alert: 7 Iconic Calculators of Yore

Hewlett-Packard HP-35 (1972) The HP-35 made huge waves upon its release as the world’s first scientific pocket calculator — and as HP’s first pocket calculator in general. It caused engineers everywhere to drool with anticipation — the thought of performing complex instantaneous calculations at their fingertips seemed almost too good to be true — and […]

Top 5(+1) Best Scientific Calculators

If you are a student that needs a scientific calculator for class, you may be wondering which one is the best scientific calculator to buy. They are easy to find at department stores, electronic stores, and office supply stores. Scientific calculators perform most of the same basic functions, but depending on the model, some can […]

9 Best Back-to-School Calculators for Engineering Students

pricemachine / OSReviews-Youtube Studying engineering? Need a good calculator? Looking for suggestions for the best calculators on the market? Then this is your lucky day. Whether you are taking the SAT’s or need one for those pesky stats classes, a good graphical calculator is essential for any technical student. Here are some of the best calculators money can buy. (However, […]

Best Engineering/Scientific/Graphing Calculators Reviews

Getting The Best Scientific Calculator for Your Class or Profession Many of these calculators are free of graphing functions and appropriate for classes that require such. The features and number of functions vary from calculator to calculator. Some have around a hundred functions while others have several hundred. Some calculators have bright, well lit screens, […]

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