Small upgrade is still the best Apple iPhone 4S depth evaluation

When the iPhone 4S gets the hands of the reviewers, the feelings are complicated. Although the improvement of the iPhone 4S is not overwhelming, but with the leadership of the Apple iPhone series, the hardware upgrade of the iPhone 4S and the addition of the Siri voice assistant function are still full of sincerity. The […]

iPhone5 Reviews

The iPhone 5 was officially released in a spit, and it still delivered 5 million units for three days. Most of the Apple Stores in the United States are now out of stock, and website bookings have to wait three to four weeks. (Of course, compared with a certain coarse grain of 300,000 units in […]

iPhone 5C Review: The screen is really “bright”

The iPhone 5C basically uses the hardware platform of the iPhone 5, but changed the glass + aluminum structure to glass + polycarbonate. In layman’s terms, the metal shell was replaced with a plastic shell (the iPhone 3G/3GS is also practical. Kind of plastic). A6 SoC processor, in-cell touch screen, Lightning lightning interface, iSight rear […]

Apple iPhone 5s Reviews

Starting with the iPhone 4S, Apple’s new machine is always accompanied by consumer complaints and even hit a new high. At a press conference with no mystery, Cook summed up four selling points for the iPhone 5s: Touch ID fingerprinting, a new camera, a new A7 processor and an iOS7 system, so our evaluation revolves […]

iPhone 6s/6s Plus Reviews

The traditional saying is that the “S” generation of the iPhone belongs to the “small year”, that is, the lack of update is lacking. The most obvious example is that the appearance is almost unchanged, and the user can’t tell the stupidity after buying it. However, I disagree with the “small years” saying that all […]

Double camera and these mysterious Apple iPhone7/Plus evaluation

This year’s arrival of Apple’s iPhone7 still received a lot of fruit powder response, especially the bright black version of the iPhone7 Plus still appears to be smashed by the scalper. But unlike in the past, the iPhone7, which was released on the first day of the small screen version, did not receive the same […]

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